Our Mission

At Trinity School of Music we want to see lives transformed through the love of music as it connects us to faith in Jesus.  Our mission can be summed up in a simple way: Passion, Learning, Action, Yearning (PLAY!)
Passion - Music moves us to be passionate about our love for God, for others, and ourselves. We want to help awaken and fuel that passion in our students. 
Learning - We always want to have a learning mindset, it is how we grow and get better, when we learn! Learning music isn’t only about repertoire or technique or even theory, which we love over here, it’s about learning who came before and respecting musicians past.
Action - Passion and learning should always be moved to action. We want to see our students take their growth and apply it in their communities, churches, schools, and families. We want to build a community to PLAY together!
Yearning - Music has always had a way of expressing things deeper than words. We hope to awaken a passion in our students so they can grow in their love of music, performance, and ultimately their love of God. We want to show you how to use music to express yearnings deeper than words.

Continue Your Journey, or Begin one Here!

Our process involves an assessment lesson between you and an instructor for your instrument. The teacher will work with you on a recommendation for lesson length as well as skill level, as we have three skill tiers, all charged accordingly. Fill out an enrollment form and we can begin to schedule a 30 minute lesson to assess your needs and you can get a feel for our teachers.

How Tuition and Skill Tiers work

We know that every person is unique. That's why we like to meet and have a lesson first before we decide which skill tier you best fit into. It helps the teacher know how best to move forward when we know where you're at.


This skill tier is for anyone who is new to music and wants to explore. This will usually be for our young learners and for adults who are new to an instrument or music in general. Learning the essential foundations of music and instruments.
30 min : $30
60 min: $50


This skill tier will be for those who know their way well around an instrument and are looking for ways to grow in addition to the strength they have already on their instrument. Our teachers are immensely creative and passionate, and love to create with other skilled musicians as we help. Learning how our music can improve our everyday life and becoming a torch for musicianship, community, and Spirituality.
60 min: $70


This skill tier will be for those who have a basic knowledge of their instrument or of music and are looking for some extra guidance on techniques, creative direction, or anything else that we can lend an experienced ear to help you flourish. Learning the inner workings of music and how its patterns can help you.
30 min: $40
60 min: $60

Group Lessons

Something we may have in the future. Students of similar skill tiers could be joined in for a group lesson on a semi-regular basis, which could culminate in a jam led and nourished by teachers.