Academic Overview

Matthew 17:20 tells us Faith of a mustard seed can move mountains.
Trinity Lutheran's goal is to instill a strong faith in each of our students.
We emphasize this strongly in all of our curriculum preschool-5th grade.




Preschool Religion Standards
Preschool Reading Standards
Preschool Math Standards
Preschool Science Standards
Preschool Social Studies Standards
Kindergarten Readiness Religion Standards
Kindergarten Readiness Reading Standards
Kindergarten Readiness Math Standards
Kindergarten Readiness Science Standards
Kindergarten Readiness Social Studies Standards 
2nd Grade Religion Standards
2nd Grade Reading Standards
2nd Grade Math Standards
2nd Grade Science Standards
2nd Grade Social Studies Standards
2nd Grade Spanish Standards
3rd Grade Religion Standards
3rd Grade Reading Standards
3rd Grade Math Standards
3rd Grade Science Standards
3rd Grade Social Studies Standards
3rd Grade Spanish Standards
4th Grade Religion Standards
4th Grade Reading Standards
4th Grade Math Standards
4th Grade Science Standards
4th Grade Social Studies Standards
4th Grade Spanish Standards
5th Grade Religion Standards
5th Grade Reading Standards
5th Grade Math Standards
5th Grade Science Standards
5th Grade Social Studies Standards
5th Grade Spanish Standards
Middle School Science Standards
Earth Science
Life Science
Physics Science