Hand2Hand Ministry

Each week Trinity Lutheran provides a weekend bag of food for kids in need in the Paw Paw
school district.  Our team is in partnership with Hand2Hand out of Jenison, MI which helps
provide food for over 12,000 students in the West Michigan area.  Our goal at Trinity is to
provide healthy meals for children over the weekend, so that when they return to school on
Monday they can focus on learning and not on being hungry.  A hungry child struggles to learn.  
Trinity began this ministry in 2020 as Feeding Kids Ministry.  In that year we provided food for
30 children at Trinity Lutheran School and Paw Paw Elementary.    Since then, our ministry has
grown to include over 15 volunteers that regularly pack food for 112 students in our community.
Hand2Hand at Trinity is making a difference in the lives of these children and families.  It gives
them the certainty that there will be food for the weekend and hope that people in their
community care for them.  

Would you like more information or to join our team? Please contact Karole Baar at (616) 340-
6940. We appreciate your prayers for this ministry as we continue to do “the next right thing”.
Food and financial donations are always accepted. There is a list of regularly used food items on
our donation basket.