Church Council

Trinity has chosen to organize itself for mission around a church constitution, by-laws, and polices.  Part of carrying out the mission of building a foundation of hope from the heart of faith is that we work together as a team to carry out this mission.  The church council meets monthly on the last Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm.  The council is made up of the Congregational President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, School Board Chairman, Outreach Board Chairman, Whole Life Board Chairman, Christian Education Chairman,  School Principal, Preschool Director, and the Pastor.   If you have any questions or concerns that the Church Council needs to be aware or could answer please contact the congregational president: Michael Farrance (

Board of Elders

The Board of Elders work alongside the pastor and called staff at Trinity to care for the members of the church and support a ministry that proclaims the teachings of God’s Word.  The elders help with communion calls, hospital visits, and the spiritual care and direction of Trinity.

Board of Whole Life

The Whole Life Board works to help the members of Trinity to look at their whole lives as part of giving back to God a portion what He has given to us.  The Whole Life Board is not simply about how we manager finances but how we manage our time and gifts that God has given us.

Board of Outreach

The Board of Outreach works to serve Trinity and the Community by raising awareness of our church, but also working to serve those in the Paw Paw and surrounding community.  The Outreach Board works hard to find ways to make Christ known to our community.

Board of Education

The school ministry is a key part of everything that happens at Trinity and an important part of building a foundation of hope from the heart of faith.  The board of Education oversees the school ministry and ensures that children are being taught the Christian faith, have a safe place to learn, and are prepared to go to the next grade or next school with a solid foundation to succeed and being a witness to the hope they have in Christ.

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